Get Equipped

You are a Christian. A follower of Christ. A follower of Christ is an enemy of Satan.  There is constant battle going on in the Spiritual realm for your soul. How equipped are you to go into battle? Just going to church isn’t enough to draw us close to our Savior and put his words (The Sword of the Spirit) in our hearts and minds. We have partnered with the FAST and online bible training system. They have an online curriculum that you can sign-up for and use with our bible study class or study on your own independently. There are online tools to help you with scripture memorization, bible study, prayer requests and time management.  Here are the five certification tracks they offer.


Discipleship Certification

This life-changing track will teach you how to memorize Scripture effectively, apply it practically to your life, and share it consistently with others. We recommend starting here.

Classes include: Crash Course, Survival Kit, Explosion Formula, Basic Training, FAST Leadership, Team Tactics.


Advanced Certification

Our advanced certification track gives in-depth training in prayer, Bible study, personal obedience, and witnessing. Plus more tips on memorization and the role of the church. Deepen your walk with God!

Classes include: Reclaim the Word, Jump Start, Power in Prayer, Mighty in the Word, Down to Business, ABC Witnessing.


Leadership Certification

God is looking for a whole new breed of worker. For a new caliber of men and women. The seven challenging courses in this track are designed to produce leaders of excellence. Is God calling you?

Classes include: Master Plan, For Such a Time, Moral Machinery, Holy Spirit, The Box, Laws of Life, True Education.


Bible Worker Certification

The courses in this track equip you to lead another person to Christ and introduce them to the teachings of the Bible with a special emphasis on God’s endtime message. Learn how to share your faith!

Classes include: First Steps, FAST Facts, More FAST Facts, Prophetic Facts, Protestant Challenge, Prophetic Cover-Up.